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Our Excellent Services


Enjoy nutritionally balanced and delicious meals prepared by our skilled chefs, complemented with tasty snacks throughout the day.

 Fresh Healthy  Snacks


Dive into a lively array of interactive games and social engagements, fostering connection and fun within the SilverHeart community.

Social Activities and Games


Unleash creativity in our Arts and Crafts Workshops at SilverHeart, where hands-on fun meets imaginative expression in a vibrant community setting.

Arts and Crafts Workshops


Celebrate life's milestones with joyous festivities, making each birthday at SilverHeart an unforgettable memory.

Birthday Celebrations


Prioritizing your well-being with timely alerts, ensuring medications are taken as prescribed in the heart of SilverHeart's dedicated care.

Medication Reminders


Step into a haven of serenity; our Relaxation and Meditation Room at SilverHeart offers a tranquil space for inner peace and rejuvenation.

Relaxation and Meditation Room


Engage in invigorating physical activities at SilverHeart, designed to boost vitality, enhance mobility, and uplift spirits.

Physical Activies





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